Conversation Friend

The Conversation Friend Program matches you or your spouse with a volunteer for one-on-one English conversation. You will meet with your volunteer community member for one hour each week for English conversation and practice.

This program is available to all international students, scholars, and spouses.

The Conversation Friend Application is a rolling application at this time. If you apply today, you will be placed on a waitlist until matching begins in October 2017. To apply now, please fill out this application here. Matching for Conversation Friends will take place in October 2017. 

I applied for the Conversation Friend program to seek a native speaker to help me with English. Courtney made me feel like I have a family in Eugene. She has taken me to cafés, parks, and to taste yummy desserts. She also invited me to her home for Thanksgiving dinner.

Ye Xu, China

They not only gave me language and cultural support, but also help and the consideration for my life. For example, they invited me to their friend’s home for dinner; we went to a concert together; April taught me how to prepare Thanksgiving turkey, and Craig taught me how to change the oil and filter of my car.

Zeyan Li, China