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This is a collection of articles and videos which tell the FFIS story. We encourage you to browse through our collection and perhaps, one day, we will share your FFIS story.


FFIS Promotional Video 2019 – Click HERE to view video.
KMTR’s “Acts of Kindness” featured FFIS in December 2018 – Click HERE to view video.
FFIS Promotional Video 2012 – Click HERE to view video.

Enjoying a picnic at the Oregon Coast


A Conversation About the Conversation Friend Program
Chinese Student Shares Her Thoughts About FFIS’ Conversation Friend Program
Japanese Student Visits a Pumpkin Patch with Her FFIS Conversation Friend
FFIS Conversation Friends Share Many Wonderful Experiences Together
Les & Marion Brod Share Their Experience with the FFIS Conversation Friend Program
Susie Trant’s Experience as a Conversation Friend Volunteer
This Japanese Student Really Appreciated Her FFIS Conversation Friend
This Chinese PhD Student Appreciates His Conversation Friend
What a Chinese Student Thinks About Her FFIS Conversation Friend

Greeting at the Airport


A Host Family to Me Means Having a Second Family Away from Home
A Nepalese Student’s Experience With the FFIS Homestay Program
Australian Homestay Student Keeps in Touch With His FFIS Host Family
Chinese Student Appreciates Having an FFIS Host Family
FFIS Homestay Program Creates Friendships That Bridge Time and Distance
FFIS Homestay Students Prepare a Meal for Their Host Family
FFIS Homestay Students Ride Snowmobiles for the First Time
FFIS Host Families Share Their Thoughts About Hosting a Student
FFIS Host Families Share Their Tips for New Host Families
FFIS Volunteer Shares Her Experience Hosting a U of O Student from France
Homestay Students Share What was the Most Challenging Part of the Homestay
Homestay Students Share What was the Most Rewarding Part of the Homestay
Homestay Students Tour Nike Campus Thanks to Past Homestay Student
Hong Kong Student Had a Wonderful FFIS Homestay Experience
Japanese Homestay Student Appreciates Her FFIS Host Family
Nervous UO International Student from Asia Meets His FFIS Host Family
New Zealand Student Shares Her Experience in the FFIS Homestay Program
This Japanese Student Loved Her FFIS Homestay Experience!
This Russian Student Calls Oregon Her Second Home Thanks to Her Homestay Family
Turkish Father is Thankful to this FFIS Host Family
What International Students Say About FFIS’ Short-Term Homestay Program
What Was the Most Rewarding Part of Hosting?
What Was the Most Rewarding Part of Your FFIS Homestay?

Skye & Suzanne


Becky Megerssa
Cindee Robertson
Craig Biersdorff
June Brooks
Matthew Fisher
Rick Obst
Roger Ludeman
Suzanne Dassenko
Tomomi Kurosaki

Erica with Weston


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