Become a Volunteer

Befriend an International Student, Scholar or Spouse

FFIS is always in need of globally-minded, caring volunteers to host new UO international students or visiting scholars at the beginning of each term, or be a conversation friend to a new student, visiting scholar or spouse. Volunteering with FFIS is a great way to make new international friends and become one of the most important people in a young person’s life!

Our Guiding Principles

When you sign up to be an FFIS volunteer you become a member of our non-profit organization. As such, as ask that you agree to our Guiding Principles and reconfirm your commitment each year upon request. That’s it! We don’t charge a membership fee and promise not to pressure you to volunteer if you’re not available.

Sign Up

Click here to sign-up to become a new FFIS Volunteer. A current FFIS steering committee member will be in touch with you shortly.


All new volunteers are asked to attend an orientation with an FFIS Steering Committee member. Orientations can be arranged individually or you may attend a group orientation when announced. An orientation is required before we can match you with an international student, visiting scholar or spouse.

Background Checks

The UO conducts background checks on new FFIS volunteers in order to ensure a safe and secure environment in which UO international students, scholars and spouses are protected, while protecting the integrity and confidentiality of information gathered during the evaluation. The name and email address of each adult living in the household will be sent to UO Human Resources which contracts with a background check vendor, Risk Mitigation Services. You will receive an email from Risk Mitigation Services with a link to fill out your own information online. The FFIS Liaison for the UO will notify volunteers when the background check is completed which typically takes about three business days.

International students also go through a security check when applying for their student visas to come to the U.S. and sign a waiver release and assumption of risk agreement prior to participating in the Short-Term Homestay program.

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