Homestay Dates & Orientation

The homestay program is a short-term, cultural exchange program which provides new international students and visiting scholars with a safe place to stay before they are able to move into their permanent housing, and to help them take care of some basic necessities like banking, transportation, phone service, etc. Many hosts also take the opportunity to show students and scholars around Eugene and other places in Oregon.

Fall Term 2020

The Fall 2020 short-term homestay program has been canceled due to COVID-19. 

The following information does not apply to Fall 2020. This will be updated once the short-term homestay commences again in 2021.



For Students Planning to Live OFF-Campus

Move-in dates will vary. Students should begin searching for off-campus housing in advance of their arrival to the U.S. FFIS hosts are not expected to help students find permanent housing; this is the responsibility of the student. Some students are able to secure off-campus housing prior to arrival, but most must wait until they arrive in Eugene to finalize an apartment or house with a rental agency or landlord. FFIS hosts should communicate early on with their student about a realistic move-out date so there is no confusion or resentment if a student needs to stay longer than one week. FFIS hosts may offer to host a student for a longer period of time, but it is our experience this works best when there is open communication and move-out discussed up front.

Off-Campus Housing Resources

For Students Planning to Live ON-Campus

Fall move-in dates vary. The official on-campus move-in date is September 27th. However, international students may request early move-in starting September 19th which coincides with the start of International Student Orientation (ISO). This earliest move-in date means that many host families will only need to host students for 2 nights.

The staff in charge of ISO and the FFIS homestay program strongly recommend students request early move-in for September 19th, but we cannot make it mandatory. Student can choose to move-in any day between September 19th – 26th.  UO Housing charges extra for early move-in days between September 19th and 26th, which ranges from $50-96 per day. Most students will request early-move in for September 19th, but some may choose a different early move-in date or wait until the official move-in date of September 27th.

Students will be instructed to submit an online request for early move-in by completing the “Change in Arrival” form in the UO Housing portal after they receive their room assignment. Please communicate early on with your student about their move-in date.

Moving In to UO Housing

International Student Orientation (ISO)

ISO is mandatory for new international students and runs from September 19th – 24th. Following ISO, “Week of Welcome” begins for all new UO students from September 25th – 30th. Classes begin October 1st.

International Student Orientation Schedule (available August)


Host Family Orientation for the Fall Homestay

FFIS will hold an orientation for FFIS hosts near the end of August or early September. The orientation will cover expectations, hosting tips, insurance and a review of the International Student Orientation Schedule.

Summary of Important Dates 2019-2020

Term Start ISO Early Campus Move-in Dates Official Campus Move-in Date Classes Start Homestay Start Date
Fall 2020 Sept 16-22 Sept 16-15 Sept 25 Sept 29 Sept 13
Winter 2020 Jan 2-3 N/A Jan 4 Jan 6 Dec 31
Spring 2020 Mar 26-27 N/A Mar 28 Mar 30 Mar 24
Summer 2020 No homestay program