Homestay Dates & Orientation


Winter Term 2019

Homestay Dates Range: December 29th  – January 5th


Spring Term 2019

Homestay Dates Range: March 23rd – 30th


Fall Term 2019

Homestay Dates Range: September 14th – September 18th (or later, depending on housing)

The homestay program is a short-term, cultural exchange program to provide new international students with a safe place to live before moving into permanent housing.

Students begin arriving before the start of International Student Orientation (ISO) which starts on September 19th and ends on September 24th. For a detailed ISO schedule please refer to the UO International Student Orientation link to the right.

FFIS hosts provide an invaluable service by hosting new students from their date of arrival until they move into their permanent housing. The number of hosting days will depend on whether students live on- or off-campus and the move-out date. Most students need a place to stay for only 3-5 days.

For Students Planning to Live Off-Campus

Students should begin searching for off-campus housing in advance of their arrival to the U.S. FFIS hosts are not expected to help students find permanent housing; this is the responsibility of the student. Some students are able to secure off-campus housing prior to arrival; some wait until they arrive in Eugene to find a place to live. This may result in an extended homestay of 7-10 days. FFIS hosts should communicate early on with their student about a realistic move-out date so there is no confusion or resentment if a student needs to stay longer than one week. FFIS hosts may offer to host a student for a longer period of time, but it is our experience this works best when there is open communication and move-out deadlines established up front.

Refer to “Related Links” on the right-hand side bar for a link to Off-Campus Housing Resources.

For Students Planning to Live On-Campus

The on-campus rates for fall begin on September 20th. Students can request early move-in to the residence halls starting September 12th which also coincides with the start date of International Student Orientation (ISO). UO Housing charges a daily rate for early move-in depending on the room-type students are assigned.   The rates range between $50-96 per day.  Students who choose not to move-in until September 20th will not be assessed an early move-in fee. The UO strongly encourages students to request early move-in.

Refer to “Related Links” on the right-hand side bar for a link to UO Housing.

Planning for the Fall Homestay

Typically, students start arriving as early as the weekend before ISO begins, around September 8th or 9th. On-campus students who request early move-in can move into the residence halls on September 12th. On-campus students who do not request early move-in can move into the residence halls on September 20th. Off-campus students should communicate with their FFIS host about a move-out date as early as possible.

FFIS will hold an orientation for FFIS hosts near the end of August or early September. The orientation will cover what to do with your student the first few days, hosting tips and the ISO schedule for students.

Summary of Important Dates 2018-2019

Term Start ISO Start Early Move-In Regular Move-In Classes Start Homestay Range
Winter 2019 1/3 N/A 1/5 1/7 12/29 – 1/5
Spring 2019 3/28 N/A 3/30 4/1 3/23 – 3/30
Fall 2019 9/19 9/18 9/26 10/1 9/14 – 9/18 (9/26)
Winter 2020 1/2 N/A 1/4 1/6 12/28-1/4

Summer 2019              Homestay program is not available