What a Chinese Student Thinks About her FFIS Conversation Friend

China Map

The FFIS Conversation Friend Program creates deep and lasting memories for international students who get this experience. This is what a female Chinese student wrote about her FFIS Conversation Friend:

You’re pretty! It was the first impression you gave me. I’m jealous that you’re taller and slimmer than me! Just kidding.

Although we just met several times, I really like being with you. I guess you may think I’m quiet? Actually I’m not quiet in my heart, but I don’t know why I don’t talk a lot and it’s hard for me to speak loudly. Anyway, I want to let you know I see you as my friend.

I really appreciate your enthusiastic contributions to non-profit organizations, such as the one to do with women which taught me how to wrap presents and this one – FFIS. And I remember you delivered a speech about disabled women on campus. All of this you’ve done encourage me to learn the rights I should have as a lady and know those people who need help. Thank you for your kind behavior!

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