A Chinese Student Shares Her Thoughts About FFIS’ Conversation Friend Program

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The Conversation Friend Program is a unique opportunity for FFIS volunteers to connect with an international student during the student’s first year in Eugene. A student and a volunteer are matched on the basis of shared interests and meet for one hour a week in a public setting.

This is what a Chinese student wrote about her experiences with her FFIS Conversation Friend:

I am not a socially active person and I sometimes have trouble making friends. Therefore, I do not have too many friends, even Chinese friends. However, last term I met you through the conversation friend program. At the beginning, I could not believe what I saw from the email. “I am going to have a conversation friend!!” I thought. However, I was hesitating. My English was poor. I was not good at finding topics while chatting…I might be silly when I meet you!

However, I decided to meet you on Tuesday. I remember it was January 13th. You were extremely kind and you relieved all of my tensions. I really enjoyed chatting with you. After that you brought me to many places in Eugene that I did not know – 5th Street Public Market, Oakway Center, Pancake House, Yogurt Extreme, BJ’s and so on. I know you were trying to let me know more about this city. Without you, I will probably still be that kind of girl who hides inside the dorm.

Because of you, I know a lot about American culture. We celebrated your birthday with your family and that was my first time to really get closer to an American family. I felt so warm in your family! I was very shy, but your family let me feel the warmth just like in my home country. Everyone treated me so well! Those anxieties of being an international student have been eliminated. You also introduced me to a lot of good events, which I wouldn’t have attended before I met you!

You are definitely the best American friend of mine!! I am not good at writing, but I am trying to describe my appreciation to you. I do not know how long the conversation friend program will last, but I hope we will be friends and still hang out together even if this program finishes! Thank you and bring my best wishes to your great family!!

To learn more about the FFIS Conversation Friend Program, contact FFIS Conversation Friend Coordinator June Brooks at 541-513-4086 or JuneEBrooks@gmail.com.

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