Tomomi Kurosaki – Lane Community College Liaison to FFIS

Tomomi Kurosaki

My name is Tomomi Kurosaki (黒崎友美) and I was born and raised in Japan.

Since I was little, my dream was to learn English. So, I decided to move to the U.S. right after graduating from high school. I took some ESL (English as a Second Language) courses and completed an Associate degree in Hawaii. I then transferred to Oregon State University where I earned three degrees – B.S. in Interior Design, B.S. in Housing Studies, and a Master’s in College Student Services and Administration.

When came to the U.S., I felt firsthand the struggles and complications that an international student experiences, as I was an international student myself.  A process that may appear to be routine for a traditional student gets exponentially complicated if the student is an international student.

Knowing how frustrating it may be for international students to apply for admission, acquire housing, schedule classes, and adjust to a foreign country in an unfamiliar language gives me the patience and ability to empathize with the students while addressing their needs.  While in attendance at colleges in the U.S., I was very fortunate that the staff provided me with knowledgeable and tremendous support.

I would like to attribute much of the success of my academic career and adjustment to living in the United States to that quality of advising and assistance, so I chose to pursue my career in this field! I am very fortunate that now I support international students at Lane Community College (LCC). This is my dream come true. I currently work as a Lead International Academic & Retention Advisor and help international students meet their academic goals from the time when they arrive on the campus until they graduate.

I joined FFIS as the LCC liaison last year, and it has been very fun to support international students in the community and encourage community members to be more culturally involved. FFIS offers various opportunities for communities to interact with international students and diversify their experience. I highly encourage everyone to join FFIS!

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