Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible to participate in the Welcome Homestay Program?

The Welcome Homestay Program is open to all new University of Oregon international students and visiting scholars.

How do I apply for a homestay?

Homestay applications are accepted online through the FFIS webpage.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to participate in the homestay program because this is a short-term cultural exchange program, not temporary or permanent housing.

When is the homestay program?

The homestay program begins the week before the start of International Student Orientation, but not earlier. Host families can host for up to a week, maximum.

What if I don’t know my exact arrival time yet?

Please do not wait to book your flight before requesting a host family. You should submit your request for a homestay before the deadline and just provide an estimated date of arrival.

How does the process of matching students and hosts work?

When we receive your application, we review it and identify potential host families for you. Students are not necessarily matched in the order in which their applications are received. Matches are based on common interests and requested accommodations. The more you tell us about yourself in your application, the easier it will be to match you with a host family that is right for you!

FFIS host families live in many different locations in Eugene and in a neighboring city, Springfield. Some host families live close to campus; others do not. Once you have been matched with a host family, we cannot accommodate requests to change your homestay to be closer to campus.  Your host family will help you with transportation including public bus transportation so you can take care of everything you need to do before school begins.

How will I learn about my host family?

Once a host confirms that they are able to host you, we will notify you of your homestay placement so you can begin corresponding with your FFIS host family. Please contact your host family right away, before you come to Eugene, to confirm arrival information and ask questions.

We will let you know the status of your homestay application at least one week before your arrival in Eugene; if we are not able to place you with a host family, you will be notified prior to arrival.

Can I request to stay with a friend?

No. At this time we are unable to place friends together in the same homestay.

Can my family members stay in the homestay with me?

Your spouse, and/or children are welcome to stay in the homestay with you; please be sure to include their information on your application.

We are NOT able to include students’ parents or other relatives in the homestay.

What is expected of me in a homestay?

It is important to understand that the welcome homestay program is a cultural exchange program, not just a temporary place to stay. You are expected to interact with your FFIS host family and spend time with them. If you are not interested in cultural exchange and are just looking for a place to stay, please refer to the city of Eugene website at

What are FFIS host families like?

Eugene is a diverse place, reflecting American society. FFIS homestay hosts are also diverse and can include families with children, retired folks, single individuals, current UO students, as well as others from our diverse community. You should be prepared to stay with the host family FFIS chooses to place you with.

Will my host be able to pick me up at the airport?

Yes, your FFIS host family will pick you up at the Eugene airport, bus or train station, or make other arrangements. Do not expect your host family to pick you up at the Portland International Airport which is two hours away from Eugene. Please be in contact with your FFIS host family prior to arrival to confirm pick up arrangements.

What if I am not placed in a homestay?

If FFIS is unable to place you in a homestay, you will need to find alternative housing. Please visit the city of Eugene’s website for a list of hotels in Eugene.

Where can I find permanent housing?

On-Campus Housing: You should apply for UO housing as early as possible! Go to
Off-Campus Housing: You should start searching for off-campus housing before you arrive in the U.S. Go to

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