“What is the most rewarding part of hosting a new international student?”

Meeting people from all over the world, making new friends, learning their culture, but most of all blessing them by easing their tensions and anxieties of starting school in a new country and school.

– Deanna & Paul Brandt, FFIS Host Family

Getting to know this remarkable young woman from Uzbekistan and admiring her intelligence, maturity and sense of humor. She taught us so much about the history of the Silk Road, the mongols and Ghengis Khan. We enjoy learning about other cultures and maintaining relationships with the students while they are in Eugene and beyond. We also love having them share their cuisine with us.

– Janet Anderson and Evelyn Anderson, FFIS Host Family

to know these two incredible young women. Hearing about their lives at home and their plans for their futures. We also love their excitement and their joy about being in Eugene and about to start their studies at the U of O. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

– June & Dan Brooks, FFIS Host Family